Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Sherea Vitelli

Experienced attorney in the areas of family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, estate administration, and D.W.I.


  1. What is a will?
    In simple terms, its design is to tell your family who you have selected to distribute your property to upon your death. Our Texas law has very specific requirements for the distribution of property when you do not have a will. Therefore, without a will, your property may not be given to the people who you intended to get it or anyone who you believed needed it the most. A will designates who will be responsible for your minor children if they are left alone.  Additionally, a will can also inform your family about your preference for your funeral.

  2. What is an advance directive?
    An advanced directive is also known as a living will. What  this document does is it informs doctors and family members your wishes if you become incapacitated. The best example is the Terry Shirvo case.  That young women was left on life support and her family disputed with her husband regarding this young ladies wishes.  This can be avoided with an advance directiv.

  3. Decisions for you if you cannot.
    The difference between an advance directive and a medical power of attorney is that an advance directive specifies whether or not to keep you alive through extraordinary measures; a medical power of attorney allows your agent to consent to medical treatment if you are unconscious.

  4. What is a statutory durable power of attorney?
    This document allows someone you trust to act in your name. This statutory durable power of attorney gives your spouse or other agent the authority to sign papers and conduct business in your name. It can be made effective immediately, or only upon your incapacity.  You can also limit the power of the agent you choose to represent you.

  5. HIPAA Release.
    This document allows your doctor to discuss your condition with your family members, explain your treatment to them, and go over options and alternatives.


There are other documents available upon request.  Please contact The Vitelli Law firm for package pricing for the above documents.







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